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Exposure assessment for power frequency electric and magnetic

The highly exposed utility occupations are linemen, substation operators, and Handheld survey instruments are available to perform area measurements of

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positive and negative difference formula The substation DC coefficient, pencil 11, determine the handheld TV set high-voltage pencil near the mouth close

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A meter is provided of the type used for recording data primarily related to power and/or energy use. The meter includes an IrDA port for wirelessly

Preliminary results of measuring occupational exposure to

The measurements were conducted at a 500 kV HVDC substation in Finland from 8 different measuring points with a commercial G100 handheld Gaussmeter by

Wireless Concrete Temperature Monitoring Solution Home - Wake

Wake, Inc. offers a leading worldwide wireless concrete temperature monitoring solution for Thermal Control Plans 207.4R-05 ACI and concrete maturity ASTM

Anti-error lock remote permission device for power substation

The invention relates to an anti-error lock remote permission device for a power substation. The device comprises locks in the power substation and a

System for the Terminal Box in Transformer Substations

substation testing equipment is effectively achieved; and meanwhile, the number of the optical ports of a battery-powered handheld tester of a smart

Application of Bar Code Detection in Substation Operating

substation detection system which based on bar code technology,it adopts handheld computer which possesses laser code detector as the detection installation,a

DM5000E-based smart substation busbar protection test method

According to the method, SCD files of a whole substation are led into the DM5000E handheld relay protection instrument; the transformation ratios of a

For an electrical distribution system

A method of controlling the current level of an inbound signal (Si) used in a TWACS (two-way communication system) for an electrical distribution



Mitac M1M-115A-P-TS

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Handheld communication tester and method for testing direct

2012220-Provided is a handheld communication tester and method for testing direct serial communication capability of an IED. The first IED includes