high voltage substation gas detector placement


The on-line monitoring system of the indoor SF6 gas of the transformer substation is characterized by comprising a central processer, a gas detector, a


can be operated under conditions existing in a high voltage substation. Inventors| Next Patent (LEAK DETECTOR) -> Home Search Services Communities


Sulfur hexafluoride gas electrified leak detector for substationThe utility model discloses a sulfur hexafluoride gas electrified leak detector for a substati

transition device, circuit for removing high-voltage noise

Provided are an abrupt metal-insulator transition (MIT) device for bypassing super-high voltage noise to protect an electric and/or electronic system, such

High Voltage Dc |

1375 “High Voltage Dc”、。

Capacitive voltage transformer electrified detector

voltage transformer (CVT) electrified detector whichon CVT devices in a transformer substation. A high-accuracy pincer-like current transformer is

Alarming System in the High-Voltage Transformer Substation

Measurement Alarming System in the High-Voltage Transformer SubstationtransformerConventional far-infrared temperature detector is inefficient for its limi

System for reading magnetic sensors for fault location in gas

A fault location system for use with sealed, gas-insulated electrical power apparatus. The system includes a sensor for placement in close proximity to

US4581579 - Optical magnetic-field measuring apparatus

high voltage is generated and whose internal of a substation which handles 100 kV or 500 kVa magnetic field detector B, a measuring unit C

mounting on and removal from an energized high voltage

high voltage power conductor for measuring the instantaneousIn a substation monitoring system of the type Comparator/detector 170 provides an above/belo

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Gas Sensing Solutions - CEO, Chairman & CoIn a substation, there are many types of Corona Discharge- High Voltage stress and 

IEEE Std 315-1975(R1993) IEEE Standard American National

110 7.7 Nuclear-Radiation Detector (gas-filled)210 21.5 SubstationA2.2 Significance of Columnar Placement of Symbols In the list, graphic

Research on High Voltage Switchgear Cabinet Transient Earth

By using a transient earth voltage partial discharge detector to detect substation and a power supply bureau, it was showed that the recommended

Handheld ultrahigh-frequency partial discharge type

high voltage equipment in the substation site is a complex electromagnetic [0011] Handheld partial discharge detector requires a good positioning, the

Object locating system

object that may move in space or air or gas.detector instrument is directly over the buried conductors, specifically a substation grounding grid