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Verdünnungsmethode und Ultraschallflowmeter

Bestimmung der funktionellen Residualkapazität und des Lung-Clearance-Index mittels Helium-Gas Verdünnungsmethode und Ultraschallflowmeter bei gesunden Pro

US3762428 - Volumetric gas mixing system - Google

A system for mixing gases volumetrically by comparing relative flows between the constituent gases and the combined total gas flow. A signal is supplied

Digital chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method for forming a

flow is monitored through a precursor reactant source materials flow meter gas, such as but not limited to helium, neon, argon, xenon or mixtures

Investigation of Silicon Film Deposition by Gas-Jet Electron

Gas feed system allowed to use two gases of digital oscillograph (TDS 3034B, Tektronix). silicon film deposition rate on the helium flow

compounds by their pentafluorophenyl hydrazones with gas

2008124-The exact flow rate was recorded by a digital flow meter (DryCal DC Helium was used as carrier gas at a constant flow of 1.2 mL min 1

MKS Dual-Zone Pressure Contr -

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flowmetersgas flowheliumpressurespecific heatstandardstemperaturethermal conductivityA thermal flowmeter used to determine mass flow of gasses is described. I

Calculations of Real-Gas Effects in Flow Through Critical-

Calculations of Real-Gas Effects in Flow Through hydrogen, argon, helium, and steam through a nozzledigital computer, equations (6) and (7) were

Monitoring the actual carrier gas flow during large-volume on

Monitoring of the helium flow into a gas chromatograph (GC) by means of an electronic flow meter has been used to optimize and control large-volume on

Importance of Non-Boiling Two-Phase Flow Heat Transfer in

gas–liquid combinations (air–water, air–silicone, helium–water, Freon flow meter (model CMF100) connected to a digital Field-Mount Transmitter (

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GVF100 Digital RS485 propane biogas steam vortex air flow meter price UShelium gas flow meter US $99.00-499.00 /Se

Polymeric wound healing accelerators

Digital computer analysis of wound images was accomplished by inputing the cameraHelium gas was pumped through the system at 10 psig and the flow meter


Horiba STEC SEC-Z512MG Digital Mass Flow Device Leica/Reichert KR450 Auto Keratometer/Ref?ractorMKS Helium Gas Mass Flow Meter 1359C-05000SV-

Quartz capillary flow meter for gases

This article describes an accurate meter for gas flow rates below 1000 μAdditional measurements with helium, argon, propane, and sulfur hexafluoride

Soap film flowmeter

A soap film type gas flowmeter has an inverted U-shaped gas flow tube adjustably mounted in a sensor assembly. The inverted attitude of the gas flow


2007920-Microprocessor-based thermal dispersion mass flow meters (i.e., thermal anemometers) are described that use temperature sensing elements in

a virtual flow meter-based transducer for gaseous helium

Liquid heliumCalibrationGas liquid flowsLow temperature instrumentsA transducer based on a virtual flow meter is proposed for monitoring helium distribution a

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a carrier gas such as helium flows from a carrier gas reservoir 9 through a line 10, through a flowmeter 1-1, a flow control valve 12, and one

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Siko DK02-08-0025-1-E-12-ST-FR DIGITALSiko Gas flowmeter SMS-FC-01-ABD-V,3000sccm Ar,MAX 200BA Pout:1-14BAR Gas:Helium Material:

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This digital flow meterfeatures a 12-digit totalizer for total gas volume 0.9998Helium 1.4540Hydrogen 1.0106Nitrogen 1.0000Ammonia 0.7310Oxygen


Flow meter with digital display Stainless steel Li-Ion Helium Gas Sniffer 1600mm SDR 26 HDPE


The helium content of a gaseous mixture is determined by comparing the partial pressure of the helium in an unknown sample directly with the pressure of

experience using venturi flow meters at liquid helium

11973 KEY WORDS , 47507 ^ 2 014693 Venturi, Flow Meter, Helium, B. Jacobs, "The Venturi Tube as a Liquefied-Gas Flow Measuring Device",

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Oxygen/Nitrogen/Helium/Compressed air/ Gasoline MassDH900 Darhor high performance 0.2% digital ovalmeter for gasoline Insert type gas flow meter

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Wholesale SS316 Nitrogen helium argon gas pressureBrass Body Medical Gas Regulator Oxygen Flowmeter Medical co2 gas digital two way hydrogen gas pressur

Method for determination of impurities in helium gas

Liquid heliumCalibrationGas liquid flowsLow temperature instrumentsA transducer based on a virtual flow meter is proposed for monitoring helium distribution a