sf6 gas evacuation manufacture


A self-cleaning catalytic chemical vapor deposition apparatus which suppresses the corrosion-induced degradation of a catalytic body by a cleaning gas without

Process for fine purification of sulphur hexafluoride from

476 teaches electrolytical manufacture of SF6 evacuation of the vapours enriched with low-The gas is subjected to purification according to

Process for forming a semiconductor device

JP01047050 February, 1989 MANUFACTURE OF MOS-TYPE(SF6), or molecular chlorine (Cl2), or a during the same evacuation cycle, at approximately

Heterojunction compound semiconductor device

2001118-manufacture and whose characteristics are easy to evacuation system 9 which can evacuate the inner When SF6 gas forms about 20% of the

Device for supplying breathing gas to the lungs of a

A device which supplies breathing gas mixed with an additive gas to a patient for pulmonary diagnosis or pulmonary treatment includes a gas mixing unit

Electron beam-induced etching

evacuation of one gas before introducing a second(SbH3), selenium (SeF6), and sulphur (SF6, manufacture, composition of matter, means, methods

a preset number of cycles; heating; evacuation,

gas, whereby the surface of said substrate is The operator participating in the manufacture of Cl2, SF6, CCl2F2, CF4, C3F8, CH3Br, etc


2010120-1. Use of microbubbles for the manufacture of gas may be removed by evacuation of the dried Sonovueâ„¢, microbubbles containing SF6 enc


Method for recovering a desired component from a waste gas comprising (a) at an operating facility, introducing a waste gas comprising the desired

Evaporator, coating installation, and method for use thereof

coating material in the manufacture of OLED 5. After evacuation a getter should be provided (NF3, CH2F2, SF6, CF4, CHF3) and chloride

of SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride) gas recycling device

The utility model relates to pipeline distribution of an SF6 gas recycling device. A recycling pipeline, a gas charging pipeline and a vacuumizing pipeline


2010212-as a treatment container, and an evacuation unit-containing gas such as CF4, C2F6, or SF6. manufacture of a display panel substrate an

Method for selectively removing material from the surface of

JP10261713 September, 1998 MANUFACTURE OF SEMICONDUCTORIn this case, an etch plasma (SF6, for The evacuation may be effected continuously. FIG

Pre-filled package containing unit dose of medical gas and

A unit dose, gas-filled syringe is provided which is filled with gas and packaged in a gas barrier material prior to use to increase shelf-life,

Recovery of NF3 from adsorption operation

OF2, SF6, CF4, C2F6 and combinations thereof.NF3 is a gas used in the manufacture of displaysduring evacuation of the adsorber (regeneration)

Low dielectric constant material and method of processing by

SF6, ClF3, BF3, BrF3, SF4, NF2Cl, FSiH3, involved in the manufacture of an integrated gas flows, deposition, and purge/evacuation of

Measurement of air flow rates in evacuation

Measurement of air flow rates in evacuation stairwells of high-rise buildingstracer gas sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) combined with rapid infrared spectroscopy

A method for the determination of the pore size distribution

After an evacuation for 24 hr, pure gas was 86 0.14 1.2 16 SF6 28 0.05 0.08 0.12 material and process of manufacture and use, Eur

Method for prepolarizing and centering a piezoceramic power

This application describes a number of novel advanced piezoelectric ceramic power switching devices which are mounted within protective gastight enclosures th

Treatment of effluent gases

A method is described for recovering a noble gas, such as xenon or krypton, from a first gas mixture comprising a plurality of components, one of

Handling Equipment |

That is why the correct and safe handling of SF6 gas during the initial filling, evacuation, cleaning and refilling of SF6 gas-filled equipment is


a SF6 gas circuit-breaker using another insulatingRegarding the method of manufacture, just as in Further evacuation of the residual gas in the

Surface modification of medical implants

and/or SF6) in a noble gas, such as helium Materials used to manufacture implant device surfaceFollowing the evacuation step, an oxygen grafted

Optical interferometric pressure sensor

After evacuation a getter should be provided thatIn particular the manufacture of thin ceramic (NF3, CH2F2, SF6, CF4, CHF3) and chloride

High glucose-induced connexin-43 downregulation inhibits gap

(SF6) during phakic pneumatic retinopexy led to anterior chamber gas entrapment, acute glaucoma, and cataract despite initial anterior chamber gas evacuation

Etching process for organic anti-reflective coating

, chlorine and an optional inert carrier gas. CF4, CHF3, C2F6, CH2F2, SF6, and CnFn+4.represented generally by the evacuation port 111

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Conductive particles can contaminate fluid dielectric such as oil or SF6 gasauthorities, and effectively control an evacuation, should it prove to be